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Flow Pavilion

Architecture 2016

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Weaving Culture in Borneo

As a public installation located in Borneo, this design explores the possibility of combining local weaving culture to sequential animate forms. With the computational techniques, traditional weaving can be elaborated from 2d surfaces to 3d spaces. It also tries to express transformations, or gradients, of colors, patterns, and structures in various scales.

Animate Form

First of all, a concept of animation is provided based on the animation principles. By giving some keyframes, other frames can be generated automatically, resulting in a coherent picture sequence in the timeline. In the physical world, the keyframes can be any factors at the site such as height, light, air flow, human movement or anything else on the field. Once such *keyframes* are determined, other *frames*, i.e. the transformation process, will be automatically generated, resulting in a spatial continuum. As mentioned above, animations and such spatial entitles share similar features like continuous, sequential, and gradual changes. In addition, each shot of an animation can represent a part of a space and the cut between shots correspond to a joint point between different continuums.

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Inspired by the tree such as willow, this installation acts as a shelter for human activities underneath. Regarding the concept of keyframe and animation, there is only one “shot” which includes two “keyframes” in this design. One is the minima, the root of the “tree”, and another is the infinite, the branch ends, after the continuous fractal, of the “tree”.


Development Process

From points, lines to spaces.

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Spatial Iterations

A various options through operating the control line

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Plan and Elevation Drawings

The irregular weaving continuum flushed out of the pure geometrical box, providing shade for human activities underneath and making the installation directional.


Transformational Form in Various Scales

The gradient transformation can be perceived in various scales.

Personal Project


Borneo, Southeast Asia


Jiaoyue Zhao


Wendy Teo

Summer 2016